Street smart design

The V-shaped headlights show that it's a Volvo

Any job. Any street. Any time. The Volvo FE looks right at home. And with its streamlined cab and distinctive V-shaped lights, there’s no denying that it’s part of the family.

The safe and comfortable interior of the Volvo FE

Inside it’s all about safety and comfort. The space, the seat, the storage – everything is designed around you. And ergonomically placed instruments mean nothing’s out of reach.

I-Shift for Volvo FE

Fuel efficiency, built-in

A specially-designed engine. Our intelligent I-Shift transmission. And a fistful of fuel-saving services. The Volvo FE is fuel efficiency on four (or six) wheels.

How much could you save?
Uptime equals profitability

Uptime – get more

Our services and innovations help prevent standstills. And if they do happen, they minimise them. It’s as simple – and vital – as that.

How we make this happen
Volvo FE, designed for profitable distribution

Drive productivity

From an entry step specially designed for distribution, to our advanced fleet management system – the Volvo FE has your productivity at heart.

Be more productive
Volvo FE: seriously safe

Seriously safe

A suite of outstanding safety features. And a cab engineered to keep you and other road users safe.

Play it safe
Volvo FE gives great manoeuvrability

Take the easy exit

In a tight spot? The Volvo FE’s tight turning circle, assisted gear changes and advanced driving ergonomics make it incredibly manoeuvrable.

See manoeuvrability in action
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Get up close to the Volvo FE

Explore every feature of the Volvo FE. Then visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer for a hands-on tour.

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