Volvo FMX with all-wheel drive for excellent traction

Take control

The differential lock engagement can be selected automatically or manually – per axle or for all driven axles. All differentials can be locked while driving. Which gives you the control you need to keep your truck moving.

By using the differential lock only when it’s needed, you’ll save fuel and minimise wear and tear on the transmission – cutting costs as well as downtime. 

Volvo FMX with all-wheel drive comes with ATC as standard

Made for steep gradients

The new driven front axle is designed for high torque and heavy loads. And is positioned 100 millimetres further forward than previous models – giving you a much better approach angle when climbing steep gradients (28° with driven front axle and tyre dimension 13R22.5). 

Volvo FMX with streamlined belly-line

It’s all protected

Ground clearance is important to us. And to you. So we placed the parallel and link rods in line with the axle, inside the axle-casing envelope. And we made sure brake chambers and fuel tanks are well protected on the chassis, so nothing impedes your progress over logs, rocks and stones.

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Experience all-wheel driving

Engage one axle or engage them all. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will show you the button. The rest is up to you.

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